tir2-300x300O.T.E. offers its clients terrestrial services of the highest quality and reliability. Thanks to our team of experts your requests will be taken care of in a professional and caring manner.
We cover the entire territory of Europe, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco and Turkey, with the collaboration of our own correspondents in the major cities.
With daily and weekly departures we are able to follow your shipment in detail at every stage, whether your consignment be a full truck, or a partial load we will have the fastest and most practical solution, with guaranteed assistance for customs and insurance.

-Customs Service and Intrastat
-Express Services
-Controlled temperature shipping
-ADR goods shipping
-Consultancy for the insurance

  • AUSTRIA Twice per week
  • BELGIUM Twice per week
  • FRANCE Daily
  • GERMANY Three times a week
  • GREECE Twice per week
  • UNITED KINGDOM Three times a week
  • IRELAND Three times a week
  • MALTA Twice per week
  • HOLLAND Three times a week
  • EAST EUROPE Twice per week
  • EX RUSSIA Twice per weektir-300x200
  • PORTUGAL Twice per week
  • RUSSIA Twice per week
  • SCANDINAVIA Twice per week
  • SPAIN Three times a week
  • SWITZERLAND Three times a week
  • TUNISIA Daily
  • TURKEY Twice per week