O.T.E. Spedizioni Internazionali S.r.l. a new leader in the international freight forwarding field, the result of a successful merger of 6 historic aziendaextMilanese companies .
Sagitair Spedizioni Internazionali, founded in 1980, has over the past few years achieved the incorporation of different brands within the industry.

Bizeta Trasporti and Italgael Spedizioni Internazionali were followed by Zust Bachmeier Srl, and to finalize, the most important merger with OTE Srl. This last company is a specialist in the field of overland transport in Europe and OTE Air Freight Ltd, the sector leader in air and sea shipments worldwide .

The new company, launched officially on 1 January 2014, will be offering truck services for all destinations in both West and Eastern Europe ,Air and Sea cargo with multiple weekly services, and a dedicated department of specialists in the field of Project Cargo Services, and exhibitions covered globally.
aziendaintTo complete the service we offer a full Customs assistance for every type of operation.
O.T.E. Spedizioni Internazionali S.r.l. is housed within a modern estate strategically located a short distance from the Milano Highway off the Cormano exit. Our property boasts of newly renovated covered warehouses of 3000 square metres, which are equipped with efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Upstairs our new office space which covers an area of 1200 square meters houses our team of 70 people at your service.
Our staff are both experienced and highly qualified. We have technological updating on a continual basis and are proud of our presence throughout the world with our extensive network of partners.We are able to meet the specific demands and expectations of our large client base, and are free to meet any special or particular requirements with personalized services.
Today more than ever where time is always of the essence, in our central role we prepare to face new challenges and issues on transport. We have the determination and capability to affront this within the consolidation of our group.

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